2018 Grape Letter:

*Harvest dates are estimates-may be a little earlier or later, depending on the year*

***White grape season is usually over by the first of September***

Cayuga: White grape. White wine: dry to semi dry. Harvest: Aug 10-20.
                        $0.65 pound--Limited Quantity ***Over by Sept 1

 Niagara: White grape. White wine: sweet & semi-sweet.  Also for jelly or juice. Harvest: Mid Aug.
                        $0.60 pound--Plentiful Quantity ***Over by Sept 1-15

Traminette: White Grape. White wine: dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, & Sweet. Harvest: Mid-Late Aug.
                        $0.65 pound--Limited Quantity

Fredonia:  Bluish/black grape.  Red wine: semi-sweet or sweet. Harvest: Mid-Late Aug.
                  $0.55 pound--Moderate Quantity

 Sunbelt: Blue grape-Concord type grape. Red wine: dry, semi-sweet, & Sweet.  Also good for Jelly-
Smells like grape bubble gum. Harvest: Mid-Late Aug.
                        $0.60 pound--Limited Quantity

Concord: Reddish purple grape.  Red wine: semi-sweet or sweet. Harvest: juice, jam, jelly-late Aug thru Oct.; Wine-Sept thru Oct.
            Handpicked $0.55 pound--Plentiful Quantity
            Machine picked $0.50 pound (comes out smashed--machine “shakes” the berries off the vine)
**Machine picked wknd: Sept. 8 & 9.  Depends if the grape will be at the correct sugar/acid levels for wine making-- May be delayed one weekend. Time: 8am-Noon for pickup. 
Seyval Blanc: White grape. White wine: dry, semi-sweet, & sweet. Harvest: Early-Mid Sept.
                        $0.65 pound--Very Limited Quantity

 MO Riesling: White grape. White wine: sweet & semi-sweet. Harvest: Early-Mid Sept.
                        $0.65 pound--Very Limited Quantity

St. Vincent: Deep purple grape. Red wine: dry, semi-sweet & sweet. Harvest: Mid Sept.
                        $0.65 pound--Limited Quantity

 Chambourcin: Blue grape. Red wine-high color: semi-dry. Harvest: Mid-Late Sept.
                        $0.70 pound--Moderate Quantity

 Norton: Black grape. Red wine: usually dry. Harvest: Late Sept.
                        $0.85 pound--Moderate Quantity

 Catawba: Red grape. Red, blush, or white wine: sweet & semi-sweet. Also for jelly or juice. Harvest: Mid Oct.
                        $0.65 pound--Plentiful Quantity


2018 Varieties & Price List:

Hello Friends From Our Little Corner of Grape & Wine Country,

Thank you for your patronage and patience with us last season!  We heard quite a few excellent stories and had many good laughs!  I’m looking forward to hearing and telling a few “fish stories” myself this season…Mike has been up to his old tricks again…just like a kid, he can’t stay out of trouble J!

Well, to put it mildly, the weather was crazy this spring!  We were 33 days late with bud break, so we thought the season would start late.  Nope, nope, nope!  The warmer tempertures has pushed them to start ripening 5 days earlier than average—makes no sense what so ever!  The grand part of all this craziness is the crop is looking to be about average barring any drought or 100 degree heat waves and the berry size is average to a little above average with the timely rains we’ve had lately.  Mother Nature needs to keep cooperating and everthing will turn out smoothly! Ha Ha!

As many of you know, we (Mike, not me) planted  the new vineyard by the stand four years ago.  Last year, Chambourcin, Sunbelt, Fredonia and Traminette came into production, so they should be more vigorous this season. This year will be the first harvest for Seyval Blanc--will be a smaller type crop due to the first harvest.  Our plan was for Rougeon and St. Vincent to be ready in large quantities for 2019 and for Marquette and Brianna to be ready in 2020; the deer have had other plans.  They decided to have a smorgasboard of the small plants which has stunted their growth.  It’s going to take a few more years to get them on the wire!

As always, we have enclosed a list of varieties offered, prices, and the approximate times they ripen.   Some of our varieties are very limited, approximately 200 pounds or less,.  Also, if there is a variety that is not on the list that you would like, let us know and Mike may be able to find it for you, but he will not know if they are available until harvest time and can not guarantee them for you.  You may begin to place your orders by phone or email and we’re on Facebook under 4M Vineyards & Farms.  If you place your order by phone please call the house/grapestand number (573-265-3340) and leave a message on the answering machine or the best time to catch us inside is between 8pm and 11pm.  Right now is hay season so Mike and I will be in the hay field and will not have anything to write your order down on if you call our cell phones.  

We also have a web page now with all the information on it, so you can check us out at www.4mvineyardsandfarms.com

We are looking forward to hearing from you and don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook!  This year, the stand will be open August 4th thru October (Depends on ripening and when the crop is done.) with a wide variety of home-made jellies, jams, breads, and grape pie along with antiques, collectables, and an assortment of other goodies. We will still be carrying wine making supplies.  We will also have plastic 30 & 50 gallon barrels with lids ($25) for pre-fermenting or whatever you choose to use them for along with 4 gallon square buckets with lids (no bales)($4) J.


Have a Grape Day!

Mike, Jody & JD